3 facts about Sarawak legendary player, Affendi Julaihi

By June 17, 2019

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Affendi Julaihi

Affendi Julaihi used to be a household name when he was playing for Sarawak. 

In fact, his ability ti dribble the ball with a rush of speed is still remembered by the older generations of the Sarawak football fans until today.

Today, we look back a little into Affendi, and five facts that accompany this well known winger from Sarawak.

1: Affendi is from Gita, Kuching

Affendi is from Gita, which is a small village in Kuching.  He started playing for Sarawak in 1994 and won the Liga Perdana with Sarawak under the guidance of Alan Vest in 1999.  It is not known who spotted his talent back then, but football fans would go wild everytime Affendi had the ball because his speed and dribbling abilty was hardly matched in the 90’s. The pin sized winger is believed to be so fast that he can clock under 11 seconds in a 100 meters race.

3: Affendi broke the goal post

While Affendi was known back then for his speed, many didn’t expect him to break a goal post.  The incident happened in 1995 when Affendi was playing for the national team against Cambodia in the SEA Games.  During the match Affendi somehow failed to hit the brakes when he was running causing the ball he was shooting and himself ending in the net. The funny thing is that the goal post broke upon impact and it took almost an hour for it to be replaced.

4: Move to Negeri Sembilan changed his life

Affendi moved to Negeri Sembilan after his stint for Sarawak.  When in Negeri Sembilan, Affendi picked up a few things religiously, and advocated himself into religion upon retiring.  Currently, Affendi does not play football actively anymore and is doing religious related matters.

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