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Last week, Sarawak FA general secretary, Jeffry Lana had said that he hoped the Malaysia Football League would allow the team to at least change two import players during the current transfer window.

His request which was widely circulated on news outlets, came as Sarawak are fined with a transfer ban for failing to fulfil Malaysia Football League’s registration date line for the season.

As many had known, Sarawak had wanted to reshuffle their current team during this transfer window and the Malaysia Football League’s decision to not allow any player transfer had halted such intention.

Jeffry’s request to the Malaysia Football League to lift the transfer ban to allow just two imports to be changed however does bring more negatives to the team and these are the top three why I think so.

No guarantee MFL will agree

There is no guarantee the Malaysia Football League would agree to allow the transfer. As a matter of fact, if the Malaysia Football League is serious in teaching teams a lesson, they would not allow such request as it undermines their authority and the rule of law they had set. Allowing Sarawak to change imports after failure to adhere to rules set only sets a bad precedence for future rulings which can be similar.

Squad harmony disrupted

The public request by Jeffry is very specific in requesting two import players to be replaced. This could cause disharmony within the team as players would be anxious to know who would be going, and who would be staying. The selection of who goes and who stays could divide the team into two or more camps, making team morale disrupted.

Shows Sarawak wants to bend the rules, again

Jeffry’s statement gives us a firm example of how Sarawak likes to ‘bend rules’. Sarawak got into this mess by not adhering to the rules of the Liga Malaysia in the first place, and now they are asking for the Malaysia Football League to officially cut them some slack again. This sets a very poor tone of how things are handled by Sarawak, and if the Malaysia Football League agrees to give in, it only shows the rules and laws set can be bent yet again in the future.

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