Herold Goulo

I’m very sure that everyone has seen the amazing free kick by Pahang’s Herold Goulon.

The free kick from his own half sailed right into the back of the net and it is making worldwide news with major sports papers and online sites picking it up and sharing the video.

If you have not watched it, check out the Goulo’s free kick below.

The Malaysian King has also agreed that it should be nominated for the Puskas Awards. Goulon’s free kick is not only impressive, but it is very important and here’s why. 

It gave Pahang FA an edge

The most obvious importance of Goulon’s free kick is that it gives his team, Pahang FA, an edge in the Piala FA. The goal, scored in the dying minutes of the match ensured that Pahang FA would visit their opponent’s den with a two-goal advantage on aggregate, giving them a good chance to advance to the Piala FA finals.

It gives free publicity to the Liga Malaysia

The Liga Malaysia isn’t entirely known worldwide, but its slowly gaining momentum.  The impressive free kick by Goulon nonetheless has helped the league obtain unprecedented publicity worldwide with videos of the free kick now making rounds on news sites and social media.  With such publicity, the Liga Malaysia has no doubt increased its presence in the world of football and this will likely only benefit Malaysian football in general.

It gives an idea of Malaysian domestic football quality

When Faiz Subri netted the Puskas Award for his gravity defying free kick in 2017, many thought the goal was a fluke, with some even saying that such impressive free kicks were just by chance.  However, now with Goulo joining the list of impressive goals scored in the Liga Malaysia, critics would finally start to take notice of the league and the quality it possesses.  The nomination of the goal for the coming Puskas Award would only serve to show that the Liga Malaysia is home to some very good goals.

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