Barcelona Not to sign Neymar

Barcelona’s hopes of bringing back Brazilian forward and former player, ​Neymar Junior to the Camp Nou appears to be dead.

Earlier last week it was reported that talks between Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona might have broken. This, ending any opportunity of the Catalan club to sign the Brazilian star.

The ex-Barcelona forward appears to have agreed that he has to remain at the Paris club for now, although the 27-year-old had earlier admitted that he had no plans to remain in Paris for this season.

The Neymar and Barcelona transfer saga has made headlines all summer, but it finally appears to have reached its dead end. Barcelona was obviously desperate to land the megastar, offering up to three players plus cash for Neymar.

Barcelona did show a lot of interest in signing the transfer of Neymar to Camp Nou this summer. This became more intense following injuries to ​attacking players like Ousmane Dembele and ​Luis Suarez.  The talented Brazilian looked ready to make a shock return to Catalunya this summer.

Barcelona never had the financial strength to satisfy PSG’s demands nor were the French side willing to do Barcelona any favors. Their asking price for Neymar was very much, but then they also wanted players included in the deal to try and make the most from the transfer.

However, that is not to be anymore. Many Barcelona fans were divided on Neymar’s return, and some were unhappy with him returning while others wanted him back.

The fact that Barcelona never got Neymar could actually be a good thing for the club.

First, Neymar’s return would have divided the Barcelona dressing room. He is a player who carries a lot of controversies with. Neymar might not have been in good terms with new arrivals like Antoine Griezmann.

Second, if Neymar had returned to Barcelona, he would have depleted the opportunity of the young La Masia academy players. La Masia players like Ansu Fati and Carlos Perez have both had opportunities in the first and have been in phenomenal form for Barcelona.

Third, Neymar’s injury problems have become very worse, and Barcelona was not certain if he was no longer injury-prone.

At the end of the day, Barcelona does not have Neymar, so they have to look at the positives of missing out on the Brazilian.

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