Three things we learn from Sarawak FA until now
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Sarawak FA issues

Sarawak FA had not even reached the middle of the season, but there are already lessons to be learned from the Liga Premier team which had ‘rested’ their head coach so early in the season. 

The side is now looking to ‘save their season’ by appointing a new head coach.

Here’s three things we learned from Sarawak FA this season.

There isn’t much change

The management of the team hasn’t learned much from last season when it comes to preparing a team for the Liga Premier. If compared to Kuching FA which plays in the Liga M3, Sarawak FA is far off when it comes to preparations and are no where near ready for the 2019 season.  This can be seen by the constant changes in top coaches and decision makers within the FA.

Emotions run high in Sarawak FA

2018 was indeed a very emotional day for Sarawak FA as the management were ‘loose guns’ in the media.  They issued a lot of statements, some without much thought, when it came to the team and even accused their players of bribery while blaming the previous management of mismanagement.  The management also threated legal action against a small indie publication for re-publishing news from a major newspaper. This season, the sudden decision to ‘rest’ both critical coaches after the match ended shows that this emotional trait hasn’t gone away.

Sarawak Under-21 is a different team

While they are considered juniors of the main Sarawak FA team, the Sarawak Under-21 side, known as Sarawak B seems to be managed in a different manner.  Not only did the team appoint a very well-liked and known head coach, there is a sense that the style and management of the Sarawak FA B side is better and more professional if compared to their senior brothers. 

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