kuching Fa match
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Fans of Sarawak football are eager to see how Kuching FA and Sarawak FA would fight it out on the pitch.

However, such match is likely to be counterproductive as it can bring embarrassment to Sarawak FA because both Kuching FA and Sarawak FA share many similarities and traits.

The rivalry is made worst by the football structure in Sarawak which makes any sort of challenge between the two teams rather impossible or unadvisable.

Here are two reasons why Kuching FA versus Sarawak FA shouldn’t happen.

Can Kuching overstep Sarawak?

Sarawak FA represents the Sarawak a state in Malaysia, while Kuching FA represents a division in Sarawak, and could also be said to only represent Kuching City since they call themselves ‘City of Unity’. This already shows how massive Sarawak should be in terms of branding and even following.  That said it is unfair to pit both teams against each other because Sarawak FA should always be the one given the upper hand.  This is since Kuching FA, as an affiliate and division under Sarawak FA, should always support Sarawak FA in football developments, even when their needs must be sacrificed because Sarawak FA is the larger team and represents the interest of other divisions including Kuching FA.

Shared fan base and facilities

Both Kuching FA and Sarawak FA are based in Kuching City and they both share plenty of similarities.  Their similarities are so great that they even share the same home venue, training facilities and fan base. This makes it impossible for fans to choose which team they would like to support more because the fans would want both teams to succeed.  As a matter of fact, while fans now do seem to be less supportive of Sarawak FA, it is nonetheless temporary until the team starts picking up form. When this happens, fans would be torn between the two teams and this may lead to problems which can only be solve administratively.  If both teams are still around, they would likely advance themselves at the expense of the other team and this is bad in the sense of marketing especially since the population of Kuching itself is just above half a million.

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