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There are many attractive campuses around the globe. Based on Subtropical climate schools on the western coast to the eastern coast, schools that have a pleasingly firm and fresh feeling to them in the Autumn. There are so many outstanding campuses, But to have a remarkable football ambiance on Saturday, then there has to be more than just delighting scene. You need to have an exceptional vigor around the campus that is contagious for you. The Institution always or has to have a true-hearted group of fans that are always there for their team and cheer with them through the good or bad times. Let’s go through what I think are the best Universities across the Universe to relish a college football game:


Ole Miss (Mississippi) Rebels – Ole Miss which is situated in Oxford (United Kingdom), MS (Mississippi) is one of the most fabulous and most relaxed places in the country to watch a football game. Ole Miss has a dedicated and passionate fan base which always shows up with vigor making the most of their fall on Saturdays. One of the peculiar things they do at MS (Mississippi) is that they have a big tailgate before every home game at what they call the Grove. The Grove is a big area on campus where everyone can set up their tailgates and has a big party before and at the end of the game. Speaking personally, I have never had the chance to experience or go through it, but I have friends who are at Ole Miss, and they always say it is unlike anything else. It’s an excellent experience for them. The vigor and outstanding ambiance there are great, and everyone always looks to be having a great time and experience during the period. Those insurgent fans definitely know how to tailgate the right way, Taadah.


University of Wisconsin – The University of Wisconsin which is situated in Madison, The Capital of the state of Wisconsin (United States), WI is another great school with an outstanding tailgate ambiance. Is unquestionably one of those schools that have a loyal fan base down to the core. Fans always show up in numbers no matter what, even if the team is having an unfavorable year, they will always be there to support. They hardly complain about the weather up there. It gets pretty icy in the winter (freezing temperatures), but the fans still make sure they show and make the most of the experience. The tailgating event in Madison is slightly different from other schools based on the fact that they do tailgate in open air/outdoors and grill, but the bar scene is also a huge part of the event.


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