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Liverpool won their last match in the English Premier League yesterday. 

They had hoped that Manchester City would slip in the last game and this would have won them the league title.

However, City didn’t falter, and the win Liverpool had scored against Wolves wasn’t enough for them to clinch the title which they had not won in 29 years.

This means that Liverpool will need to try again next year.  Critics however are saying that Liverpool might just win it next season if Jürgen Klopp continues to play Liverpool like today.

This despite the fact that Klopp had admitted that his side would need to be close to perfect if they or any English team were to ever to unseat Manchester City this time around, adding that City’s quality and financial backing had made it more difficult to beat City.

Critics are saying that Liverpool had come a long way to be where they are today.

They had amassed the highest points tally of any team to finish second in the English Premier League which makes their form in the league undeniably good.

Their 97 points from the league would have won them the title in any other English Premier League season since 1994, except for this season and last season.

Manchester City amassed 100 points last season to shatter quite a few league records in the Premier League and win the crown.

In fact, if one looked harder at the Liverpool player list, they aren’t far from the perfection they desire.

Kloop has been slowly creating a Liverpool that could win titles since he arrived at Anfield. 

The signings he had made since his arrival in 2015 have been making immediate impact with the team and it seems Liverpool is keen to make a mark under Kloop.

This season alone, Liverpool not only came in second in the Premier League, but somewhat made it to the finals of the UEFA Champions League – a feat no one had expected.

With one match in hand, Liverpool might just start their title winning ways by conquering Europe first, and next the English league next season.

Either way, other teams need to be ready because Liverpool will likely come back next season with the sole intention to win the league.

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