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Liverpool has long been mocked by rival football supporters for ending their Premier League season empty handed.

It may just continue if the team known as ‘The Reds’ slip with seven matches to go in the Premier League.

Records show that ever since the league was rebranded in 1992 to what it is today, Liverpool had never lifted the crown jewel of English football although they did come close in 2002, 2009, and 2014, in which they came in second. 

Liverpool had however lifted the English title 18 times, making them the second most successful English side after Manchester United which won the English title 20 times.

That said, 2019 might also turn out dissapointing for Liverpool and their fans yet again and here’s why.

Liverpool had played one game more as compared to their closest title challenger Manchester City, and this alone is a disadvantage.  Thanks to this fact, the Reds need to win all their matches starting with the one against Totenham Hotspurs this weekend.

This comes as the final seven fixtures arranged for Liverpool are statistically winnable, at least on paper.

It is safe to say that Liverpool will need to pay attention to winning their home fixtures against Spurs this weekend (31st March) and Chelsea (April 14th) to ensure the lead they currently hold in the Premier League doesn’t slip to Manchester City.

This, however is tricky since  the rest of the fixtures they have are against teams at the bottom half of the league which are either battling to avoid relegation, or are keen to finish higher in the league hence making them highly motivated to win.

An example would be how Fulham almost dented Liverpools title hopes on March 17th with James Milner’s penalty the only reason Liverpool continued to lead the league after Game Week 31.

Earlier, teams like Everton, Manchester United and West Ham, all mid table contenders, also held Liverpool to stalemates hence making it even clearer that Liverpool needs to be extra vigilant when playing their coming opponents if they want to win the league title.

That said, should Liverpool underestimate their last seven opponents, chances are that Manchester City would be prepared to scoop up the lead in the title race and eventually hold it until the seson ends.

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