Denny Da’ail may just be able to change Sarawak’s fortunes
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Denny Da’ail
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There were plenty of questions on who would take over from Anai Igang after he was “rested”.

While popular names like Jalil Ramli, Ian Gillan and even Fuad Grbsic are circling social media, the naming of unknown Mohamad Denny Da’ail took many by surprise.

Just yesterday, the Football Association of Sarawak announced that Denny is the new interim coach of Sarawak FA through their official site.

His appointment as the interim coach of Sarawak has raised a lot of questions as he is largely unknown to most football fans.

However, we are made to understand that those knowing Denny would know him best as a teacher and is working to get his A Coaching License.

We had the opportunity to speak with a person familiar with Denny’s coaching style and was told the young coach is very smart in his tactics.

The 35-year-old Denny was well praised by the source who also holds an A coaching license.  He told us that aside from being a good tactician, Denny was also good in handling players due to his experience as a school teacher.

Denny is said to be able to read a game well and can alter his tactics according to the needs of a game.

It was further understood that Denny isn’t exactly new in the Football Association of Sarawak as he also named as the assistant coach to Pengiran Bala last year when the Football Association of Sarawak declared that Bala would be heading the new 2019 team.

The opinion of our source nonetheless carries little weight to the reality Denny is facing in the Sarawak team.

Not only will he need to work with players he had not selected, he needs to be smart in optimizing the little resources he does have to start producing results.

Although announced only as an interim coach, it is likely that the Football Association of Sarawak may just be tempted to retain him until the end of the season if he is able to change the fortunes of Sarawak FA.

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