The 2018/2019 Premier League season has gone a long way so far. So many teams have played incredible matches, and proven players have started performing as expected.  They were joined by a lot of hyped new signings and Premier Leagues debutants. 

Some of these Premier League newcomers have hit the ground running to make a relevant impact for their clubs.

Today we look at the five best newcomers in the Premier League.


The Italian midfielder has made an instant impact since arriving at Stamford Bridge. He has broken records with his sublime passing accuracy and has become the fulcrum of Chelsea’s team. Indeed, he already seems to be worthy of Chelsea’s £50m investment.


The Portuguese international goalkeeper with 75 caps has proven to be an amazing debutant in his first year at English Football. Patricio’s strings of impressive have led many established European sides to seek for his services.

His incredible goalkeeping has lead Wolves up in the table, and now they look like the most secure of all the newly promoted sides.


Although his side is currently battling relegation in the Premier League, he has shone brightly among his teammates. The Ivorian midfielder scored an outrageous goal against Burnley and had put a plethora of eye-catching displays.

Seri is not to blame for Fulham’s poor defensive records. In the middle of the park, his attributes can be seen. This kind of displays by the Ivorian made Fulham to part with £25m for his services.


Ruben is yet another Wolves player in the list. No doubt, Wolves have been outstanding this season. This is partly due to the absolute brilliance of Ruben Neves. Neves has started life at the Premier League so well, that you’d think he was a veteran.

He has scored a couple of decisive goals and had impressed as a midfielder.


James Maddison looks so comfortable in the Premier League that you will hardly notice he was making his debut season. The young Englishman is definitely a contender for the PFA Young Player of The Year. His technique, his set piece skills and his swagger have all made Leicester City fans fall in love with him.

Which Premier League newcomer do you think, has been the best so far this season?

This article is brought to us by our Sports Writers Club resident columnist – Collins Michael Nwokolo. Follow him on Twitter and Pinterest.