3 things we learned from Sarawak FA’s trashing by PDRM
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Sarawak FA defeated
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Sarawak FA’s unexpected heavy defeat to bottom of the league PDRM FA came to a surprise to many. 

While many were not expecting a win, they didn’t expect a defeat either, especially not in the manner it had happened at Stadium Selayang yesterday.

Sarawak led the game comfortably at half time with two goals but somehow gave away the lead and allowed their opponents to not only equalize, but also run them over with five easy goals.

It was a shocking result to say the least, but I did learn three things from the match which I am going to share below.

Sarawak player fitness remains an issue

The first thing we could see is that players of Sarawak aren’t fit.  While the team played admirably in the first half, proven by their 2-0 lead in the match, the Sarawak players started to show signs of fatigue in the second half.  Most of the players were out-paced and were unable to compete with the pace and spirit showed by their PDRM opponents.

Inexperience shows in defeat

Another massive reason of the defeat was the inexperience shown by Sarawak’s young team. The team went from being confident of a win, to being demoralized so fast that PDRM capitalized by scoring five goals in such a short span of time.  The inexperience of these young players showed most as they started losing focus and concentration hence allowing PDRM players too much space to shoot on goal.

Georgi Kinkladze Tom can be lethal if given more exposure

Young Sarawak striker Georgi struck in a wonderful goal for Sarawak in the sixth minute.  He was also a constant threat to PDRM in the first half and had on numerous times came close to increasing his tally. If Georgi is given more playing time and exposure, he can become a quality striker and probably give other strikers like Bobby Gonzales a run for their money.

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