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With calls now made for Posa Majais to step down as the president of the Football Association of Sarawak, I look at three possible candidates which have been mentioned as possible replacements.

These individuals have been mentioned by fans as they had proven credible to lead FAS.  Despite their popularity however, these three individuals will likely helm the association again for many reasons.

Here’s the three key individuals that could replace Posa, and why they may unlikely take up the post.

Gulzar Mohammad

Cash rich Gulzar, also known as Captain Gulzar once helmed the President post at the Football Association of Sarawak. His stable finances rubbed off on the association and player welfare was well taken care off. Sarawak however couldn’t live up to expectations then, but fans are hoping Gulzar’s return would be different this time, if it materializes. Gulzar spent a lot of money during his tenure as President of The Football Association of Sarawak and he may not want to incur similar loses by returning to power.

Datu Sudarsono Osman

Sudarsono was responsible in bringing Sarawak football back on its feet since 2011. The cool-headed former President of the Football Association of Sarawak was able to do this thanks to his good relationship with private companies, hence allowing FAS to fill up their coffers easily. This in turn allowed him to hire better coaches and players, while improving youth development under his watch. Sudarsono however is an unlikely candidate to replace Posa as he had declined an extension to his tenure at the end of 2017 and is said to be very happy with his life away from the eye of the public.

Fazzruddin Abdul Rahman

My top pick for the job is Fazzruddin.  The Tupong politician has proven himself when he managed to evolve Kuching FA into something very different today with the team going on undefeated run in the Liga M3. He is well connected and is a huge football fan and player himself. Fazzruddin however might not want the top job at the Football Association of Sarawak given the fact that he will need to do major changes and cleaning up shall he take over and that task is much bigger than what he did with Kuching.  On top of that, election is just around the corner and Fazzruddin will want to concentrate his effort towards being reelected before taking on any new responsibilities.

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